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Add: Floor3,Bbuilding Fengtai Electronic District,Siyang,Suqian,Jiangsu.China
Tel: +86-527-89662773
Fax: +86-527-89663773
E-mail: sales@jsqiyang.com
MSN: xulei188@139.com
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Suqian Qiyang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. is located in Siyang County, Jiangsu Province, is a professional exporter of all kinds of energy saving lamps, LED products and solar products, like LED lights and solar lights, solar panel etc. and can provide you OEM service. The range of our product line, high quality, and competitive price have made us one of the fastest growing companies in China. And 90% of our production for export and 10% for the domestic market.

Our products are exported to many countries, like USA, South Africa, Germany, Russia, Ukraine etc. Please feel free to tell us your requirements, we would give you our best price and most favorable terms. We are sure our products would win high reputation and more orders for you owing to high quality and beautiful appearance.
“Service First and Customer Foremost, Honesty and Integrity” is the tenet our company persistently stick to. We pursue high-level quality products, welcome friends from all over the world to our company to participate in technological exchanges and cooperation.

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